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Thumball makes a perfect gift for both Children and adults!

Ages: 3 to 100
Number of Players: 1 to 100
Goal: To have the most fun thinking and communicating.

lay Thumball™ anywhere: at home, in the car, at school, work and parties. Enjoy Thumball™ as you would any type of ball: Throw it! Catch it! Now, look under your thumb and react to the word, phrase, or graphic found there.

If your thumb lands on the title space or Shnoogie space select any space to respond to, it’s Your Choice!

Thumball™ can be played in a multitude of ways. Here are several game playing options to choose at the start of the game.

  • Roll, pass, toss, or kick Thumball™ among players.
  • Circulate Thumball™ clockwise, counterclockwise or random direction.
  • Specify right thumb, left thumb or the finger of your choice to play the game.
  • Players can respond to the space themselves or ask another player to respond.
  • Select time limits for responses and length of game.To add competition, players can earn and/or lose points for each response.

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"I bought some Thumballs for work with my elementary school students. My husband, who usually doesn't like to play 'party games' fell in love and insisted on everyone playing Thumball at his 37th birthday party! The ice
breaker ball was such a hit that our friends stole the ball to take as a hostess gift to their next party."

Audbon, NJ

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