What It Is

• Thumball™ is a fun new game and media form used for education, entertainment, or promotion.

• Toss it. Catch it. React to the stimuli under a thumb or any finger specified. The response is based on the type of Thumball™ and, the player’s skill level.

• Catch 32™ Thumball™ is a soft stuffed ball, of various sizes, with 32 panels.

• Catch 12™ Thumball™ is a 6" version with 12 colorful and easy-to-read panels. Catch 12 Thumballs are featured in our young learners series.

• Each panel has a word, graphic, photo, or logo relating to a specific subject printed on it.

• Thumball™ is easy to throw & catch. Safe for use in any setting

What can Thumball do?
1. Stimulate Conversation
2. Improve Social Interactions
3. Prompt Focused Participation
4. Adapt to infinite variations
5. Develop Communication Skills
6. Link Learning and Play
7. Bring Classrooms Alive
8. Bond Families
9. Train Employees
10. Boost Sales

Teachers tell us Thumball™ increases motivation and helps students retain facts.

Families tell us Thumball™ is fun and easy for all to play inside, outside or even in the car.

Corporations use Thumball™ as a training tool, team builder, and promotional giveaways.

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"Thumball™ is an educational and therapeutic game that is also fun. When has so little done so much for so many?!"

Lynn, RN, B.S., MPA School Nurse, NJ

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