Teachers, Therapists, Parents
and Care Providers

Thumball is For Everyone

  1. Educators, Families,
    Special Educators,
    Speech Therapists,
    Occupational Therapists,
    Physical Therapists,
    School Counselors,
    Human Resource Trainers,
    Recreation Therapists,
    Afterschool Care directors,
    Preschool teachers. 
  2. Use Thumball to develop the skills of adults and children having autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit disorder, communication impairments, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke recovery, emotional disturbance, or learning disabilities.
  3. Anyone interested in having fun, interacting, stimulating conversation and energizing education will want to play Thumball, and it is also the perfect family fun game.
  4. Thumball is a remarkable invention, a recreation of the world’s most known and used toy. It has established itself as a new media form and generated an innovative way to play.
  5. Thumball is the learning ball, the education ball, the best educational toy, the teaching ball, the sharing ball, and the fun ball, the only ball to improve skills in every area of development.

Why Play Thumball?

  1. Every design promotes essential skills including categorizing, phonemic awareness, question formation, emotional intelligence, social skills, visual perception, math functions and pronunciation.
  2. Perfect for all and particularly useful for those with learning challenges including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, language delays or disorders and anyone learning a second language.
  3. Players create new ideas for ways to play and it becomes evident that learning in a new way inspires more creativity and therefore more brain activity.
  4. If Thumball is left on the shelf untouched, the valuable insights it can bring are lost. Used for short periods of time every few days or at least weekly, a new way of looking at things begins to evolve.

For all Thumball Designs, 4 Initials Ways to React:

  1. Respond to the panel under your thumb by answering for yourself.
  2. Respond by asking another player to answer.
  3. Predict the answer another player would give.
  4. Once a group has played together several times you can add the challenge of recalling an answer provided by another player on a previous day.

Thumball is A Brain Builder.

  1. The focused attention Thumball receives is because it is a ball. Everyone associates a ball with play, fun and groups of players. So always enjoy Thumball as the ball it is.
  2. Some believe “playing catch” wastes valuable teaching time but actually it provides more time for learning and better quality of interaction. For some children policing their behavior during classroom lessons ceases to be necessary because of the increased motivation to participate.
  3. When you give the brain time to focus in a different way you will get improved performance afterwards. If a player is in “play mode” we alert the brain for fun, full of tossing and catching or rolling and kicking.
  4. A brain in a positive state of arousal is more ready to receive and process information. If played on a regular basis performance improves and the desire to play and learn in this way increases.
  5. Research on brain development indicates we learn and retain more when actively doing something as opposed to only reading about it or listening to it.

Thumball Reinforces Appropriate Inter-personal and Social Skills.

  1. The cooperation necessary when playing in a group expands the social awareness of players and promotes use of eye contact, polite forms and turn taking skills.
  2. The learning that takes place as each player listens to each other is dramatic.  The leader can be the ideal model for listening, learning, expressing and cooperating.

Thumball is an Instant Spelling Game

  1. Ask another player to spell the word or words on a panel.
  2. Ask them to sound the word out sound by sound, and count each syllable.

Thumball is a Tool for Language Development.

  1. Thumball builds vocabulary knowledge of words and usage of new terms & definitions.
  2. Creating sentences and using the words accurately as nouns, verbs, adjectives and other parts of speech advances the synthesis of language.

Thumball Reinforces Reading Skills.

  1. Promotes better organization of language and illustrates how to group words in order to more effectively retrieve them & recall them on command.
  2. Provides practice in oral expression, organizing thoughts and relating them in a sequential manner.
  3. Emphasizes comprehension skills through asking and answering Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and What if questions.

Thumball Improves Cognition and Memory.

  1. With continued use, Thumball helps cognitive stimulation through repetition of material.
  2. Short term memory skills develop through the unique organization of words, images and questions on each different Thumball design.

Thumball has a Blog!

  1. The blog at http://thumball.blogspot.com/ has many posts about specific designs and ways to use the Icebreaker, My ABCs, Numbers, Animals and Emotion Mania Thumballs.
  2. More ideas are added each week so keep coming back for fresh information.
  3. Thumball Needs You! Leave comments on how Thumball has helped in your setting.
  4. There are also advance play ideas on the blog for our newest designs Tell the Tale, Parts of A Story, Move your Body, Virtues and Values and Meet & Greet available in September 2008.

Thumball Wins Awards!

  1. The GOLD MarCom Creative Awards for 2007 as part of the Specialty Camps programs serving children diagnosed with Diabetes
  2. The National Health Information Awards: The 2007 Bayer Diabetes Camp Program "Learning Made Easy With Thumballs" won a GOLD Award in this prestigious competition!
  3. The GOLD Rx Club Award for Diabetes Education Thumball.
  4. Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award for Numbers, Animals and Shapes Thumballs.
  5. Creative Child Preferred Choice Award for Who Are YOU and Emotion Mania Thumballs.

Thumball is an Excellent Value!

  1. With prices a low $8.99 to $12.99 MSRP, Thumball is dollar for dollar the best teaching material available.
  2. Award winning with multiple uses there is no other product to compare to Thumball.
  3. A game, a toy, a learning experience, a motivator, a brain builder, which works with every age and every ability level.

Thumball Works!

  1. View the testimonials throughout our website that attest to the effective ways Thumball teaches, inspires, entertains, stimulates and enhances education.
  2. Review the goals and objectives section to determine ways you can use Thumball to achieve goals for improved learning and teamwork.
  3. Ask players to describe what they like about Thumball and why they like to play again and again.

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"I work with teenage students instructing employability skills. Today's generation has the best of technology but lacks and suffers from social and communication skills in relationships (friends, family, co-workers, classmates). The Emotion, Who Are You, Ice Breaker, Letter Mania Thumballs have moved mountains bringing a group together to share, listen, and reflect."

teenage counselor, MI